ISIS is even recruiting on dating websites

The group developed a metal-organic framework MOF , MFM, that can selectively take in toxic sulfur dioxide gas at record concentrations and preserve it for use in chemical production. Toxic sulfur dioxide SO 2 emissions have severe effects on human health and the environment , even in trace amounts. Research into new technologies for reversible SO 2 capture is urgent but is challenging due to the highly corrosive nature of SO 2. This work is unprecedented as, unlike many other metal-organic frameworks, MFM is remarkably stable to SO 2 exposure , even in the presence of water, and the adsorption is fully reversible at room temperature. Her recent paper, published in Nature Materials, also describes the scale up of MFM and its successful implementation for dynamic separation of SO 2 from gas mixtures that replicate those found in industry. Importantly, the regeneration step is very energy-efficient compared to those reported in other studies; the captured sulphur dioxide can be released at room temperature for conversion to useful products , whilst the metal-organic framework can be reused for many more separation cycles.

Cyber-Extremism: Isis and the Power of Social Media

Whatever it was, it led them to travel across the world to join the Islamic State group. Now after the fall of the last stronghold of the group’s “caliphate,” they say they regret it and want to come home. The Associated Press interviewed four foreign women who joined the caliphate and are now among tens of thousands of IS family members, mostly women and children, crammed into squalid camps in northern Syria overseen by the U.

Many in the camps remain die-hard supporters of IS.

An international team, led by scientists from the University of Manchester, have of SO2 higher than any other porous material known to date.

For years, weapons of war have been freely flowing into Iraq. Slack controls over Iraqi military stockpiles and endemic corruption by successive Iraqi governments have added to the problem. When Islamic State IS took control of these areas, these weapons were theirs for the taking. These weapons, manufactured at least 25 countries, are now in the hands of ISIS and being used to commit horrific abuses, killings, rape, torture and abduction — and forced thousands to flee their homes.

Most of the arms date from the s up to the s, including pistols, handguns and other small arms, machine guns, anti-tank weapons, mortars and artillery. The huge scope reflects decades of irresponsible arms transfers to Iraq, coupled with the failure to install oversight mechanisms during the US-led occupation after Slack controls over military stockpiles and endemic corruption by successive Iraqi governments have added to the problem.

At least 34 different countries supplied Iraq with weapons — 28 of those states were also supplying arms to Iran. The US-led invasion of Iraq in meant the country was flooded with more weapon imports once again — but most were never secured or audited by the coalition forces or the re-formed Iraqi army. Hundreds of thousands of those weapons went missing and are still unaccounted for. More recent efforts to rebuild and equip the Iraqi army have once again resulted in a massive arms flow into Iraq.

Image: A member of the Iraqi security forces stands between Islamic State ammunition being displayed in al-Alam Salahuddin province. We must learn from these failures and take urgent action to curb future arms proliferation in Iraq, Syria and other unstable regions. States must prevent the sale of weapons to Iraq until it can be demonstrated that adequate measures are in place to prevent those arms ending up in the hands of IS, or being used to commit serious violations of international law.

Why ISIS Is Winning the Social Media War

Before embarking on her journey to Syria, Aqsa Mahmood went to a private high school, studied radiography at university and lived in a wealthy neighborhood Windsor, , p. She was a fan of Harry Potter and Coldplay Windsor, , p. In , she posted a picture of herself standing alongside children while holding the severed head of a Syrian man who supposedly committed a crime Ali, , p.

Aqsa Mahmood belongs to a group often referred to as foreign fighters. Many scholars have become invested into researching what drives these people to join ISIS. One of the main factors contributing to the large group of foreign fighters is said to be online communication Farwell,

After the fall of the last stronghold of the Islamic State’s ‘caliphate,’ many it led them to travel across the world to join the Islamic State group. another site for foreign women and children, said they were deceived To “make up for” her past, she said she went far to a hard-line Air Date: August 20,

Ten Indian women, the widows of Islamic State terrorists killed in combat in the mountains of Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province, are now being held in Kabul’s Badam Bagh prison, highly-placed government sources have told Network The government is still debating whether to seek their extradition to face trial on terrorism charges in India, or leave them to face prosecution and punishment under Afghan law, the sources said.

New Delhi: Ten Indian women, the widows of Islamic State terrorists killed in combat in the mountains of Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province, are now being held in Kabul’s Badam Bagh prison, highly-placed government sources have told Network For these Indian widows of Islamic State now in Afghan prison, though, there’s no window opening out to life ahead.

The dramatic-and sometimes deeply tragic-stories of the women cast new light on the multiple currents in the jihadist movement which led dozens of Indian nationals from Kashmir to Kerala into the bowels of the Islamic State’s base Nangarhar. Forty year old Rukhsana Ahanger ‘s journey into the Islamic State’s Nangarhar redoubt was shaped by events that took place when she was still a child.

In , Dar arranged for his daughter to be married to one of his lieutenants, Aijaz Ahanger, a long-standing Ahl-e-Hadith follower from Srinagar’s Gawkadal neighbourhood, who he first met when both men were in prison in The marriage, police sources said, took place in the Dar’s family home in the village of Russu, near Budgam in central Kashmir. Facing growing pressure from police, the Ahangers travelled to Pakistan through Nepal, using false passports. Ahanger, however became increasingly frustrated with Pakistan’s intelligence services, which he came to believe had betrayed the Kashmir jihad.

In February , though, Aliza was killed in a drone strike, followed in short order by Hafiz Saeed Khan, in the summer of Dar took charge of the organisation-committing his teenage son, Abdullah ibn Aijaz, to combat. Aged just 15, Abdullah Ibn Aijaz was killed fighting rival Taliban jihadists in the summer of

ISIS Names New Leader and Confirms al-Baghdadi’s Death

Full list The group has been designated a terrorist organisation by the United Nations. ISIL is known for its videos of beheadings and other types of executions [89] of both soldiers and civilians, including journalists and aid workers, and its destruction of cultural heritage sites. ISIL originated as Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad in , which pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda and participated in the Iraqi insurgency following the invasion of Iraq by Western forces at the behest of the United States.

This campaign reinvigorated the latter two forces and dealt a blow to the nascent Islamist proto-state, killing tens of thousands of its troops [] and dealing damage to its financial and military infrastructure. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , the leader of ISIL since , later killed himself by detonating a suicide vest during a raid into the rebel -held Idlib province of Syria [] conducted by U.

A security officer led him to a wooden cage in the middle of the courtroom. officer told a Middle Eastern news site, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS. “And when their date came they would come with us to the Old City and.

The current crises in Syria has led to a number of Britons travelling abroad to fight with groups such as Isis. Capitalising on this growth, Isis are now increasingly fighting an online cyber war, with the use of slick videos, online messages of hate and even an app that all aim to radicalise and create a new generation of cyber jihadists. These modern day tools are helping Isis spread their propaganda and ideology to thousands of online sympathisers across the world.

Indeed, the group has actively been using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to recruit new would be members. This is being done through images and the streaming of violent online viral videos filmed and professionally edited that are targeting young and impressionable people. The Internet therefore is becoming the virtual playground for extremist views to be reinforced and act as an echo chamber.

This study analysed different Facebook pages and 50 Twitter user accounts which generated over results and helped the author create a typology of seven key behaviour characteristics and motivations. Moreover, this material is coordinated and controlled by Isis as a means for publishing and sending out key messages. Within this heightened atmosphere, a hydra global insurgency from a plethora of extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, such as Isis, have emerged that all have links to an extremist narrative International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, As people continue to travel and fight with groups such as Isis, the organisation has also begun a campaign of cyber jihad, whereby they are using the Internet and social media sites to target young and impressionable people Berger, Indeed, the threat groups such as Isis pose online has meant that the UK Government are in a continuous battle to remove online extremist material.

The video, however has reappeared and was available on YouTube and to date has 4, views at the time of writing Al Hayat Media Centre,


In an audio recording uploaded on the Telegram app, the Islamic State mourned the loss of Mr. Trump and Pentagon officials said Mr. The Islamic State announcement said that Mr. Almost nothing is publicly known about Mr. The al-Qurayshi appellation at the end of his name indicates that he is being portrayed as a descendant of the Quraysh tribe of the Prophet Muhammad, a lineage that the Islamic State considers to be a prerequisite for becoming a caliph, or ruler of a Muslim theocracy.

Nisrine Assad Ibrahim, better known by her ISIS name of Umm Leading international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney has Stay up to date on all the latest World news with The New Indian Express App. Download now.

As the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus, Isis was the most popular Egyptian goddess. She was widely regarded throughout antiquity as the personification of the ideal wife and protective mother. Isis, like other Egyptian anthropomorphic deities, carries the symbol of her attributes on her head. Here she wears a tripartite wig with a uraeus surmounted by cow horns cradling a solar disk, the attribute of Horus.

Sometimes she is shown with a throne on her head or seated on a throne, which recalls her close association with the royal succession of the king. Originally, this figure would have occupied a wooden throne, which does not survive. She wears a clinging garment with her breasts bared, and with one hand she cups her left breast while she nurses the infant Horus.

Divine mother and nursing infant statuettes are representative of the ex-voto type Isis Lactans , whose archetype can be traced to the 8th Dynasty or before and is found by the hundreds on amulets in bronze and faience after BCE. After Osiris was murdered by his brother Seth, Isis helped to revive his dead body. In the cult of Osiris, the god became King of the Afterworld, while their son Horus was identified with the Egyptian Pharaoh.

These associations of Isis, as the goddess of life and rebirth, led to the great popularity of the cult of Isis during the Greek and Roman periods. It is also possible that figures like this one influenced early Christian imagery of the Madonna and Child. Alan M. Silverman, ed.

U.S. Resumes Large-Scale Operations Against ISIS in Northern Syria

Tens of thousands of foreign men, women and children affiliated with ISIS are detained in northeast Syria. The camps where they are held pose a formidable security and humanitarian challenge to the region. Western governments should, at minimum, accelerate the repatriation of women and children. Alongside the thousands of foreign fighters detained in north east Syria are thousands of non-Syrian children and women. Western governments have for months publicly wrestled with political and policy qualms about repatriating their nationals.

Almost nothing is known about the new leader of the Islamic State, including Syria, the group broke its silence on Thursday to confirm their deaths, app, the Islamic State mourned the loss of Mr. al-Baghdadi, who led the.

John Georgelas was a military brat, a drug enthusiast, a precocious underachiever born in Texas. Now he is a prominent figure within the Islamic State. At dawn on a warm September morning in , a minivan pulled up to a shattered villa in the town of Azaz, Syria. A long-bearded year-old white man emerged from the building, along with his pregnant British wife and their three children, ages 8, 4, and almost 2.

They had been in Syria for only about a month this time. The kids were sick and malnourished. They clambered into the minivan, sitting on sheepskins draped on the floor—there were no seats—and the driver took them two hours east through a ravaged landscape, eventually stopping at a place where the family might slip into Turkey undetected.

They disembarked amid a grove of thorny trees. Signs warned of land mines. Tania dragged the puking kids along; Yahya carried a suitcase and a stroller. Midway, Tania had contractions, although she was still several months from her due date. They continued on. Yahya and Tania had been married for 10 years, but they did not say goodbye. Satisfied that his family would not die, Yahya turned and ran across the border, back into Syria—again under gunfire—without even a wave.

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