Anheuser-Busch Uses Freshness Dating to Improve Flat Beer Sales

One topic that often pops up during a round of beer-drinking-and-talking is getting burned by buying brews that are malingering on shelves looooong past their freshness window and even the best beer stores have old stock hanging around. K nowing when the beer was made is vital knowledge, particularly for those mega-popular, mega-hopped IPAs; the aromas, flavor and bitterness drop off quickly. Some codes are printed on the glass and are easily smudged; others are on the label but are near-impossible to read, overlapping with the imagery and label copy. Even worse: Some codes are only stamped on the case, not the individual containers. Most consumers have no idea what those letters and numbers mean. The second character is always alpha and represents the month by using the first letter of the month unless that letter has already been used. Looking at Lagunitas? Julian date code, which is written in black on the neck of the bottle. First line has 3 digits followed by a space, then one more digit.

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Freshness is a big concern for IPAs and other hop-forward beers, like pale ales and pilsners. Those styles tend to change flavor more drastically as they sit on shelves because they rely on their hops for their flavors and aromas that deteriorate relatively quickly, leaving a sweeter, maltier brew. How to eat well right now, with the latest news on dining restrictions and advice on cooking and eating at home in your inbox every Wednesday.

Darker beers, like stouts; higher-alcohol beers, like barleywines; and barrel-aged beers, like sours, age well, and some specific brews even benefit from a little more time in the package.

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Yes, even though most recent mass efforts to sell beer have centered on sex, dogs, mountains or frogs. But thanks to the beer industry’s lack of growth over the last couple of years, Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc. Louis brewer started putting its beer’s birth date on each container. This “freshness dating” strategy advises the consumer to drink the beer within a certain number of days of the “born on” date days for Budweiser and Bud Light.

To convey the concept to the public, the St. Louis company introduced a new advertising pitchman — a Budweiser delivery guy named Gus who strives to protect the consumer from skunky-tasting beer. Given the gangly new pitchman — part Satch of Bowery Boys and part bartender Woody Boyd of Cheers — it would be easy to call Anheuser-Busch’s latest tactic a gimmick. But industry observers see it as a gambit that could give the huge beer maker even more leverage in its push to grab a percent share of the market by the turn of the century.

Although other factors such as exposure to extreme temperatures or light can turn a beer stale, the amount of time beer sits on a shelf waiting for a buyer concerns all beer companies. A company spokesman said the beer maker started working on the concept a couple of years ago to address a number of concerns, including the seemingly endless line of new froths filling up space in liquor stores.

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Food and Drug Administration under the Bioterrorism Act of The easiest answer to this question is because you must. For better or worse, there is no standard way or best practice guide to follow for date coding your beer. However, esoteric or confusing coding can be a problem in the marketplace and lacks customer transparency.

term, “Born on date.” It has become a ubiquitous term in the beer industry, regardless of the fact that the date was dropped from all Budweiser.

Your sports-only digital subscription does not include access to this section. Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue reading. You must be a full digital subscriber to read this article. Please subscribe to keep reading. You can cancel at any time. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content. Before craft beer aficionado Matthew Starr buys a new IPA or Pilsener at his favorite beer store, he picks up the can to check for a date.

Starr says he prefers to drink his IPAs within six weeks of canning, to fully appreciate the aromatics and flavors. If he’s not buying a beer at a brewery, “I will not buy an IPA if there’s not some sort of date on the bottle or can.

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A loaf of bread has it. So does a carton of milk. There are now more bottles of beer on the store wall than ever — more than 2, domestic brands alone — making it harder for stores and consumers to steer clear of the stale stuff. Age is critical: Nearly all beer begins to deteriorate before it even leaves the plant, partly due to oxygen in the bottle, and many experts say most brews are well past their prime after six months. To identify when bottles and cans need to be yanked from the shelves, many brewers imprint them with cryptic letters and numbers that distributors can translate.

But with the help of industry insiders and analysts, we cracked the codes, studying bottles purchased across the country to determine the key dates for several big brews.

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In , the giant brewer began putting plain-English “born on dates” on bottles and cans of Budweiser. Ads for Bud touted the beer’s freshness.

When Anheuser-Busch was founded in the s, it started as a small neighborhood brewery. Through the combined efforts of Eberhard Anheuser, Adolphus Busch, and thousands of employees, our brewery quickly transformed from a local fixture into a national presence. As lager became the most popular style of beer, we pioneered the use of new technologies allowing consumers across America to enjoy beers like Michelob, Faust, and Budweiser.

Our time-honored traditions of brewing the highest quality beer while constantly innovating has pushed the future of our industry forward. In the mids, the population of St. Louis exploded as a large wave of German immigrants settled in the city. One of the principal industries that Germans brought to St. Louis was brewing. These German brewers introduced a style of beer popular in Germany, but relatively unknown in the United States: lager beer.

Eberhard Anheuser — a German soap maker who would go on to own the largest soap and candle company in St. Louis — emigrated to Missouri in Adolphus Busch was born in , the second youngest of 22 children. At the age of 18, he made his way to St. Louis via New Orleans and the Mississippi River.

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It’s on the cases only. The packaging date is on the bottom of each can and on the side of each six pack. It is a Julian date that will read, for example, On the lower left side of the label is the month and year of bottling. It’s on the neck of the bottle, near the top.

Meet Budweiser billionaire Billy Busch, who pled guilty to assaulting an year-​old, owns a acre farm outside St. Louis, and stars in an MTV.

The best parts of being a beer writer are self-evident. But even though the quest for novelty complicates my beer life, it ultimately enriches it. It was just as good as it was weird full report to come , and it served as a useful reminder of how great these days are for American beer drinkers in general and for writers in particular. So I was in high sprits when I headed out to the local Whole Foods last Friday afternoon to see what surprises the beer aisle might hold.

There was a ton of good stuff, as usual, and at some of the best prices in town. And buying local is no guarantee of freshness. But when the best-by date is hidden on the back of the label in small print, old beer is no joke. The price [of beer] is rising as fast as the quality. Boulevard is to be commended, though.

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